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Renters Warehouse Atlanta | January 28, 2021

Why Atlanta Property Management Services Are a Smart Investment

Updated March 28, 2022

Statistics show that Atlanta’s median gross rent stood at $1,224 in 2019, the highest since 2005. Better still, the city is among the fastest-growing areas in the United States, with estimates showing that the city’s population could triple in the next three decades.

This means that if you have been thinking of investing in real estate, Atlanta rental homes would be an excellent choice. To reap the maximum returns from your investment in such a favorable market, you need to hire a property manager.

What makes working with competent Atlanta property management services a smart investment? Discover more about the benefits you enjoy as an investor when you choose a partnership with the full-service real estate investment specialists at Renters Warehouse.


A Professional Working Relationship

Getting personally involved with your renters is easy—but becoming too close can risk your long-term wealth. Befriending your residents could cause them to become defensive when you hold them to the lease or cause you to become too lenient when you need to be firm.

  • A full-service property management company becomes a professional buffer for all renter interactions.

  • Your Atlanta property management professional will also handle all situations that require conflict resolution, manage routine maintenance, and ensure that scheduled inspections on the rental property are carried out. 

The Right Rental Rate

Professional property management services will save you the trouble of spending hours or even weeks scouring through rental listings to find out how much comparable rental properties are fetching in the Atlanta rental market.

A full-service real estate investment partner with skills that extend beyond management will not only have good knowledge of the local market but also have access to professional resources such as the MLS. Their expertise helps you achieve ideal rental rates without extended vacancy.

Expert Rental Property Marketing

If you have a vacant property, you will be forced to juggle between crafting ads, responding to calls, texts, and emails about your investment property, staging it, and showing it to prospects. 

  • An excellent Atlanta property management company has the skills and experience to market and manage your property.
  • They know where and when to market Atlanta rental property and have the expertise to create compelling marketing information.
  • It also becomes your property manager’s full-time job to answer all questions prospective renters might have. 

Having all these responsibilities handled by a professional helps you avoid long vacancies that could most likely happen if you handled the advertising by yourself. 

Securing the Right Renters

Although your renter has the right to enjoy exclusive possession and use of your property for a fixed duration, what they do affects you and your reputation. You will be entrusting them to look after your asset and be responsible for letting you know if anything goes wrong. Additionally, you need residents that make payments on time.

Excellent full-service property management professionals work smart on your behalf to find the right residents. They handle every detail, including running criminal and security checks, verifying employment data, authenticating data from former residences, and running credit checks. 

An Understanding of Rental Law

There are federal, state, and local housing laws and regulations you have to abide by when it comes to renting out and maintaining an Atlanta rental property. One of the biggest perks of hiring an Atlanta property management company is that they serve as your intermediary and enforcer when it comes to rental law.

A property manager will come in handy should questions arise regarding how you maintain your property or screen your renters. They will also help you draw up compliant lease agreements that protect your interests as an investor.

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Routine Maintenance Is Managed

As an investor, it's risky for you to directly handle maintenance and repairs for electrical, heating, and plumbing problems with your rental property. Relying on the right contractors if you lack the licensing for such jobs becomes an essential component of successful real estate investment.

  • Apart from attending to emergency and routine maintenance, a property manager will also keep accurate records of these repairs for you.
  • A full-service real estate investment professional will also have established relations with contractors, maintenance workers, and suppliers.
  • They act on your behalf to oversee the workmanship of any repairs carried out on your property. They can even advise you on strategic capital improvements that will boost your rental income. 

While owning a rental property is a wise investment, it comes with responsibilities that could easily get out of hand if they are not managed with care by someone on your side. Hiring the right property manager could make the difference between your success or failure as a rental property owner.

Ready to learn more about the benefits of property management services? Check out our free Makeready Checklist! It shows you what we look for as your property managers for every professional property turn we conduct to prepare for new renters.

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