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Renters Warehouse Atlanta | January 14, 2021

Writing Effective Property Listings for Houses for Rent in Georgia

Updated March 7, 2022

Browse through Atlanta rental websites, and you may be surprised at how similar most of the property listings are. A time-tested approach to writing descriptions for rental properties has some merit as long as you're telling your potential renters everything they need to know. However, copies that lack substance will lose their effectiveness when you have multiple houses for rent in Georgia.

  • According to a recent report, the United States’ renter population increased to 108.5 million people in 2018. Atlanta alone has a renter population of roughly 54%.
  • These statistics may help explain why real estate investment is so popular, but it doesn't describe just how many investors get into the business only to jump back out when their portfolios fail.
  • The success of any rental property largely depends on two factors: how well you conduct rental property maintenance and your ability to find excellent renters.

An effective rental property listing should not only get the right renter’s attention, but it should also screen out those who won't be an excellent placement. Consider some of our insight as the experts in full-service real estate investment to write property listings with purpose!

Define Your Audience

  • What type of audience is your property likely to appeal to?
  • What age group do you suppose they are?
  • Are you targeting small or large families? 

Establishing your target audience first will help you pick out the words that address them directly—while carefully avoiding any risk of biased language.

It's easy for investors to accidentally fall into the trap of inadvertent discrimination with their property listings if they don't have an understanding of what's appropriate, so you may also want to run your rental house listing by your attorney or property manager if you have one for your Atlanta homes.

While a rental property listing should be succinct, you will want to address issues such as the rent rates, HOA fees, move-in costs, and the security deposit right from the beginning.

Your Title Is Important 'Real Estate'

Often, your Atlanta rental property listing’s headline will be the first—and perhaps only—shot at getting the renter to take an interest. After all, only 2 out of 10 people read past any given headline.

  • Rather than being smart with words, keep your headline short and simple while including desirable details about your houses for rent in Georgia.
  • You can craft your headline based on the property’s proximity to key amenities, curb appeal, location, and price.

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Use Professional Marketing Materials

  • Professional photos will draw more attention to your new listings and earn you more clicks from potential renters.
  • A professional photographer will also know how to best stage the property and its key features. 
  • This attention to detail helps capture the true look of a rental property as well as its feel.
  • This approach gives it an emotional appeal, which is what most renters are looking out for.
  • Make sure you check out your photographer’s portfolio before taking on their services.

If you're working with a full-service real estate investment firm to manage your houses for rent in Georgia, they'll typically include professional marketing materials like this as part of their services.

Property management Atlanta, GA, rental property photography

Describe the Surroundings

The opening statement of your property’s description should get all the basic questions out of the way. A good opening statement should:

  • Indicate value
  • Capture the reader’s attention
  • Set the scene through a unique feature of the property.

Base the property’s description with a focus on what renters want. If you're not sure about the specifics of the rental market in your area, working with skilled property management services or a full-service real estate investment specialist can really help you out in this department.

  • Potential renters will want to know more about the area or community they will be a part of should they rent the property.
  • Include local amenities and the activities they can engage in, nearby institutions, eateries, shopping centers, public transit stops, and other details that help 'sell' your houses for rent in Georgia to your future renters.

Conclude With a Call

At the end of your listing, make it clear what you want the reader to do by using action-oriented words or phrases. These may include words such as arrange a viewing, call, contact, check out, explore, email, inspect, learn more, and so on. Make it personal by focusing on what your intended audience desires.

The Bottom Line

  • Any property listing aims at appealing to 'buying' customers (which, in this case, are your future renters).
  • While you do not want to draw your audience’s attention to the property’s 'downsides,' be sure not to misrepresent your property with your marketing materials.
  • Your rental property listing should be convincing, welcoming, and to the point.
  • Remember to go over your copy before submitting it to check for serious grammatical errors that may make your listing look like a scam.

If you decide you'd rather not DIY your listing, working with reputable property management companies in Atlanta will help you get your property on the market quickly. A good property management company and an expert full-service real estate investment firm will have ties to contractors and the photography chops you need to connect your houses for rent in Georgia with the right renters.

If you're not quite ready for the professional touch, you can also get started for free when you download our resources! Take a look at our Makeready Checklist to get a better idea of what we examine and inspect when we prepare your property for a new renter.

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