What is Guaranteed Rent & How Does it Work?*

Guaranteed Rent provides rental unit Owners with up to 12 months of rent payments (less any Tenant placement and/or property management fees) upfront, removing tenant payment risk.


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Property and Resident meet qualifications

Annual Rent

Owner receives 90% of their net annual rent

What am I Responsible for During the Agreement Term?*


Ongoing Repairs

Property owners are responsible for any ongoing repairs and maintenance costs needed within the home or unit.

Property M

Utilize Renters Warehouse - Atlanta Property Management

Owners will utilize Renters Warehouse - Atlanta for ongoing property management services

Not Selling

Not Selling or Mortgaging the Home

During the Agreement Term, Owners cannot sell or mortgage their home or unit.

Example Transaction*

Want to learn more about the benefits of Guaranteed Rent? Take a look at this example transaction.

Monthly Rent


Potential Monthly Rent (Paid over 12 months)

Upfront Rent


Upfront Rent (Paid in Month 1)

*Rules and restrictions apply. Please call us for further details.

What are the Benefits?

With Guaranteed Rent, Owners get quick access to the funds from their rentals. Benefits include:

  • Cash in hand - guaranteed income
  • Remove all Tenant payment Risk
  • Access cash flow without taking a debt
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*See Guaranteed Rent Transaction Agreement for complete terms, conditions, and requirements.