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Renters Warehouse Atlanta | June 11, 2021

4 Reasons Why You Need Professional Maintenance Staff for Your Atlanta Rental Property

Owning a rental property in Atlanta is a good investment, but you will eventually have to deal with the reality of maintenance and repair issues. You might be able to handle some minor wear and tear in the early stages of owning Atlanta rental property. Still, it may not be possible to manage everything around your property—or juggle maintenance and repairs as your real estate investment portfolio grows. Not only will the problems be too big to handle but you have to spend a considerable amount of time, which might not be possible due to your busy professional life. 

To save you time, a property management company can deliver professional maintenance staff to take care of every repair and maintenance task for your rentals. As a result, you can stay focused on your day-to-day activities, and tenants don't have to deal with repeated maintenance requests to live in a safe home. Here are the benefits of having a professional maintenance team!


1. Around the Clock Service

Most real estate investors want to have enough rest during the night for the next day's activities. A 9-5 job is demanding. When you work all day, you may hardly have time to attend to repairs or maintenance for your rental properties in the evenings or on weekends. Your free time should be spent on your loved ones and hobbies! 

Yet, phone calls from tenants in the middle of the night reporting emergency repairs are part of the job as an Atlanta rental property owner. It's challenging to respond to middle-of-the-night calls or ensure that all the repairs and maintenance receive a prompt, quality response. Not answering the phone on the weekends might also frustrate your tenants, which can increase your vacancy rate when renters don't stick around for another lease term. Some delayed repairs can also make your rental units unsafe for the renters.

When you have professional maintenance staff, they are always on standby to handle all the calls—at night or during the day. Even if it's an emergency, they have the experience and expertise to find the best and most cost-effective method of handling such situations. Your renters will feel safe knowing that there is a reliable team ready to respond whenever they have an issue. Prompt repairs keep tenants happy and lead to more lease renewals!

2. The Pros Specialize in Maintenance and Repairs  

You probably shouldn't rely on a long-time friend who has general expertise in house maintenance to replace the roof. You also can't depend on your local plumber to fix an electrical issue. By hiring the wrong person or someone without the right skills for the job, you end up spending more money on recurrent repairs. 

When you have a property manager and professional maintenance tech, they specialize in rental property maintenance issues. Property management companies ensure that their maintenance team has undergone thorough training to keep them up to date with all repair and maintenance procedures. They have the knowledge and expertise to assess if a problem needs repairs or replacements in your Atlanta rental property. 

For accidental rental property owners or new landlords, hiring a property manager in Atlanta is the best way to avoid costly mistakes as you develop your property maintenance expertise.

3. Vetted Staff Protect Tenants and Your Property

You probably wouldn't feel safe if an uncertified and unlicensed contractor made repairs in your home. If you wouldn't feel safe with subpar repair work in the house where you live,  you shouldn't be okay with the same person working on maintenances and repair tasks in your Atlanta rental property! Plus, it's your responsibility to provide safe living conditions for your renters.

A property management company builds a competent team of vetted contractors for all repairs and maintenance. Every staff member is insured and licensed to work in Atlanta and has also undergone a background check. They also work quickly and fix things correctly the first time to avoid disruptions for your tenants. 

Maintaining of wooden surfaces

4. Knowledge of Cost and Economies of Scale

It's challenging to look into various estimates or compare contractors' prices when dealing with emergency repairs. When you work with a property management team, you reap the benefits of their vast experience in our local market. Property managers know the best price for repairs and replacement items. Whether it's a simple or complex task, they know the right person for the job who can deliver top-notch results at a reasonable price.

Choose a Property Manager's Professional Maintenance Staff for Your Atlanta Rental Property!

A property manager offers quality maintenance services at the best price possible for your Atlanta rental property! Don't waste time negotiating with contractors or dealing with poor-quality repairs and frustrated tenants. 

Let Renters Warehouse Atlanta handle every maintenance need for your properties. We have a year-round maintenance plan and prompt, quality repair services to keep your properties in excellent condition (and renters happy)! If you're struggling to keep up with property maintenance, let's talk about how we can help. 

Learn more about choosing the best local property manager! Download our free guide. 

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