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Renters Warehouse Atlanta | March 11, 2021

A Landlord’s Property Management Checklist for Every Season

In order to keep an Atlanta rental property in its best possible condition, there are certain checks that need to be made on a regular and ongoing basis. These errands change with the seasons, so your to-do list also changes depending on the month of the year. As the temperature and weather vary, you need to keep up with the seasons and give your property the care it needs. 

Property management involves a lot of time-consuming tasks that can be an unwelcome hindrance for landlords. It is a good idea to engage a professional property management agency that can take that heavy workload off your hands. 

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But whether you opt to hire professional support or not, it's important to understand the routine maintenance tasks that need to be completed each season. Use this checklist to help you prepare to care for your property Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter!


Flowers are blooming and the weather is warming. Unfortunately, storms and plenty of rainfall may also be on the way! This is also the time to repair the damage that occurred during the winter that couldn't be fixed at the time. 

Spring maintenance tasks include:

  • Check your roof for any damage following storms or hail during the winter
  • Look at the gutters on your roof to make sure they have not become clogged with leaves and dirt
  • Arrange a professional inspection of your HVAC system
  • If you have a chimney, this is the best time to have it swept after winter
  • Check your driveway and any walkways for cracked or broken stones that could cause someone to slip and fall
  • Sweep your attic for gathering dust that could lead to damage or decay
  • Have a look at the condition of your lawn to make sure there are no weeds or pests beginning to peak through
  • Check all of your outdoor faucets, filters, pumps, and fires to make sure there are no leaks or any other damage that could have set in over winter
  • Inspect all of your outdoor wooden porches, decks, or siding for rot or infestation
  • Check your window sills for cracks and moisture that could result in mildew or mold


Summer is here, which means longer days and warmer weather! Your renters are likely to want to utilize any outdoor features your property has. 

Summer maintenance tasks should include:

  • Clean your patio or deck, and perhaps give wooden finishings an extra lick of paint so that it is ready for the season to be outside
  • Check that your outdoor play equipment is in working condition, such as a playset or basketball ring, so that any potential accidents can be avoided
  • Have a look at your trees and shrubs and maybe contract a professional to trim and remove dead branches that could easily fall
  • Check the exterior of your house and wash away any dirt to give your house an attractive shine
  • Check for any water leaks in and around the building or any damage to the plumbing
  • Look out for any pests or infestations that are invading the interior or exterior of your home 
  • Make sure all of your locks on windows and doors are in complete working order and intruders have no way of gaining entry


Falling leaves and dropping temperatures can lead to some new damage this season. This is also the time to prepare your Atlanta rental property for winter weather and the damage it can cause.

Fall maintenance tasks should include:

  • Sometimes in summer, the hot sun can wear away the effectiveness of granular shingles surfaces which may cause leaks during rainy weather. It is a good idea to check this before winter begins
  • Check that your lawn is aerated and well-fed so it will be ready for the winter
  • Give your lawn a good mow and bring in any plants that will struggle with the cooler temperatures
  • Check your HVAC system again before the winter to make sure everything is working as it should
  • Add extra seals around your doors and windows to keep out cold air and save on heating 
  • Clean your gutters at the end of the season for all of the fallen leaves that have gathered. Also, rake your lawns for fallen leaves
  •  Consider adding insulation to your attic to save on heating costs


Winter is often the toughest time to maintain your Atlanta rental property. Cold temperatures and unpredictable weather can lead to damage. While it doesn't happen as often as in other areas, Atlanta still sees freezing temperatures from time to time.

Winter maintenance tasks should include:

  • Check the drip pans and the drip coils of your freezer and refrigerator 
  • Make sure all of the electrical connections used for outdoor holiday decorations are safe and tightly controlled
  • Check for any leaks or pressure irregularities in your water heater and, if necessary, install a leak detector 
  • Have a look in your basement to make sure there are no leaks
  • Clean the air filter and exhaust hood in your kitchen as you may spend a lot more time there during the winter
  • Clean the larger appliances in your kitchen thoroughly, as these jobs are easy to forget over the winter holiday season
  • Inspect your furnace to make sure it is clean, well maintained, and there are no blockages in the venting system

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In addition to seasonal checks, there are a number of checks that should be carried out more regularly, such as once every one or two months. This includes testing your carbon monoxide and smoke alarms, cleaning your drains, and checking your HVAC filters. It is a good idea to check for irregularities in your utility bills, as this could indicate problems somewhere in the building. Many of these tasks, as well as some of the tasks on the above checklist, will fall on your renters. However, make sure that any maintenance you expect renters to handle is clearly outlined in your leasing agreement.

Keeping your Atlanta rental property in top shape will save you money over time and allow you to get maximum rent from your renters. But performing these and other maintenance tasks can be time-consuming, especially if you work another full-time job or own multiple properties. That's where Renters Warehouse Atlanta comes in. We help property owners manage everything from rent collection to routine and emergency maintenance. Get a copy of our Seasonal Maintenance Checklist to keep your investments in excellent condition all year long.

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