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Renters Warehouse Atlanta | December 9, 2021

How to Help Atlanta Renters Understand the Lease Agreement

While property managers and landlords often write leases with themselves in mind, they should also consider the needs of their tenants. Helping renters understand the lease agreement is critical for avoiding potential disputes during the lease term. 

What should rental property owners do to help tenants understand the lease before signing? The best property management company Gwinnett County offers has insights here! 

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What Do Tenants Need To Know About a Rental Lease Agreement?

Renters need to know more than when and how to pay rent. While sometimes a simple one-page lease agreement might be appropriate, property managers recommend thorough lease agreements that both landlords and tenants can understand. 

Renters need to understand that a lease is a binding contract with their rental property owner. This document includes the rules of living in the property, the amount of monthly rent and the security deposit, how to request an emotional support animal, and the consequences for lease violations. When property owners take time to walk through the rental agreement with new residents before signing, tenants have the opportunity to ask questions, clarify their understanding of details, and fully comprehend the document and their responsibilities before moving in. 

What Should Rental Property Owners Review With Tenants?

Property owners should also familiarize tenants with pertinent property details noted in the lease. For example, are there appliances that come with the property, or is everything up to the tenant? Are there specific amenities (like cable or high-speed internet) that are part of the agreement? Any questions about local utilities can be answered when reviewing the lease, as well. 

What Should Tenants Know About Deposits and Fees Under a Rental Lease Agreement?

Tenants should have a thorough understanding of the fees that apply to living in the property. For example, some properties require renters to pay for their own electricity on top of rent, while others charge monthly parking fees or a pet deposit before allowing pets on the property. It's essential for property managers and landlords to be transparent about the conditions of these fees and how they'll be used so that tenants can decide whether to sign a lease agreement (or not).

What About Maintenance?

In most rental property situations, the property owner is responsible for all property maintenance. This includes any repairs necessary, from plumbing issues to broken air conditioners. Therefore, tenants need a clear understanding of what property owners are responsible for and when they're expected to report an issue to the property owner. 

A thorough lease agreement outlines all property maintenance and cleaning responsibilities for the owner and residents. The lease also provides details about what happens when a tenant damages the property or fails to report a maintenance issue promptly. 

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Review Key Clauses With Your Renter

It's critical to take the time with your resident to review key clauses and terms before they sign a lease agreement. For example, if you have a pet-friendly property, the renter must understand the rules for owning and cleaning up after the animal. 

Property owners should also review the guest policy for every property. All tenants should be on the lease. Rental owners must establish rules about how long guests can stay in the rental unit--and when they are no longer considered "guests" after a lengthy stay. 

Tenants must also understand your inspection schedule and when they must allow you to enter the property to conduct repairs and inspections. Communicating these things through the lease agreement protects real estate investors when a tenant refuses entry or claims they didn't receive adequate notice before an owner arrives at the property to inspect it. 

Property Owners Must Enforce the Rules

Reviewing lease agreements with tenants doesn't always guarantee that those tenants will follow the rules. However, taking time to walk through the agreement and highlight roles, rules, responsibilities, and consequences for violations can help prevent misunderstandings and disputes throughout the lease term. 

If you're not sure your lease agreement is comprehensive enough, a property management company can help! The right property managers know how to create a lease that complies with local and state landlord-tenant laws. They also take time to make sure your next renters understand the document--then enforce the rules after all parties sign the lease and tenants move in. 

A Gwinnett County Property Management Company Handles Leases and Tenants

Sometimes dealing with tenants and lease agreements are frustrating aspects of being a rental property owner. Experiencing better renters and fewer hassles are some of the best reasons to hire the best property management company Gwinnett County offers. 

Property managers like the team at Renters Warehouse Atlanta create comprehensive leases that protect real estate investors and their properties. We also review every document with tenants to ensure they understand the rules and enforcement options for violations. If you're ready to learn more about how professional property management services can help improve your leasing and tenant management experience, reach out to our team soon! 

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