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Renters Warehouse Atlanta | July 22, 2021

When Landlords Should Hire an Atlanta Property Management Company

When is the right time to hire a property manager in Atlanta? Whether you own one rental or several, bringing in professional management at the right time can decrease your workload while maximizing your income!

If you've thought about a property manager—or even if you haven't—waiting too long for expert help can lead to income loss. However, hiring a property manager too soon can place your rentals under the care of a company that isn't the right fit for your properties or goals. Today, let's look at the timing of hiring an Atlanta property management company and what real estate investors need to know.

When Is the Ideal Time?

How much emphasis should property owners place on the ideal timing of hiring expert rental management? Any time is a good time, but make sure you also take the time you need to find the right Atlanta property manager to meet your goals. 

Whether you're a new or accidental landlord or you're a seasoned investor, professional Atlanta property management can be a smart decision! 

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New Investors Should Start With An Expert Property Manager

Perhaps you have been gifted a house that could become a rental, or you've decided to turn your current home into a rental after you move. Starting on the right foot is critical to generating the returns you need. Still, many new investors are struggling to understand the industry, apply best practices and generate enough revenue at the start. 

A property manager can help you understand the market and what renters look for in a good home. They'll also help you learn critical landlord-tenant laws that help you operate your rental within the law. If you've never drafted a lease agreement before, having an expert guide you through the process of creating an air-tight lease can help you protect your property and income. 

The right Atlanta property management team also helps you set the ideal monthly rent amount to make sure you don't lose money. Choosing the right tenants can be tricky if you're not sure how to follow Fair Housing laws and applying a thorough (yet legal) screening process. 

There's a lot to learn as you get started investing in rental properties! Hiring a property manager with your first rental is a smart way to experience success from the start. 

You Manage Multiple Properties Alone

One rental property might have seemed manageable for a while. However, as you discover that it requires more of your time (but the income is nice), choosing Atlanta property management might be a wise decision. When investors enjoy the income from one property, owning more properties leads to more income—with the right strategies and ability to manage all of the work. 

If you're operating multiple rentals on your own, it's time for expert management! The right Atlanta property management agency handles rent collection, lease renewal, repairs, maintenance, and other property management services that multiple with more than one rental in a real estate investment portfolio. 

Are You Really Saving Money Without Property Managers?

Hanging on to your DIY ways can seem like you're saving money instead of paying a property management fee. However, investors with more extensive portfolios often find significant cost savings (and better returns) when outsourcing property management to experts. 

Plus, the more rentals you own and operate on your own, the less time you have to focus on your career, family, friends, or free time. Spending every spare moment dealing with rental property issues can quickly make your "passive" income less enjoyable for you. 

A rental management company's experience and staffing resources make it easy to scale up and enjoy more income—without handling any of the work yourself!

You Don't Live in Atlanta

Investing in Atlanta real estate doesn't require you to live here! Long-distance investors can take advantage of our rental market, but they need a local expert to handle everyday tasks, manage renters, and keep properties occupied. Competent Atlanta property management companies offer a full suite of services would be the best option to manage and protect your rental property.

It can be challenging to coordinate multiple vendors for maintenance, juggle tenant requests, and keep an eye on the condition of your rentals without living nearby. The right property management team is a reliable resource with a network of trusted contractors that can handle any maintenance task, respond to residents, and conduct routine inspections to keep your properties in excellent condition. 

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Hire the Right Atlanta Property Management Company Any Time!

Growing your real estate investment portfolio is easier and more profitable, with property managers to handle every detail! Rental property owners who trust their investments to qualified Atlanta property management professionals enjoy their free time, more passive income, and a better chance of achieving long-term financial goals. 

When you decide the time might be right for you, Renters Warehouse Atlanta is here! We have a team of experts to deliver the best property management services in the area so that you can enjoy more properties, income—and free time. Give us a call, and let's talk about how we can help you succeed as a real estate investor.

Growing a real estate investment portfolio is easier with expert insights! Download our free guide, "Real Estate Investing: Grow Your Portfolio."

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