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Renters Warehouse Atlanta | April 1, 2021

What to Look for Before Investing In Houses In Atlanta Georgia

Are you hoping to invest in property? It is one of the best ways to diversify your portfolio. Investing in houses in Atlanta Georgia can be a major step towards growing your wealth. It is a fun, exciting, and rewarding venture.

However, rewards aside, investing in property is a daunting task. It takes more than just buying a piece of property and selling it or renting it out. Falling in love with the property is not enough. It must appeal to tenants or buyers as well. Buying an investment property is different from buying your dream home. Here are a few important things to look for.

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Market Analysis for Good ROI

Return on investment is one of the most important things to consider before investing in property. You don’t want to invest a lot of money in houses in Atlanta Georgia where there are limited chances of getting it back. The most important metrics when calculating ROI include the cap rate and cash on cash returns. Both of them are important when you need to ensure that your investment will be profitable. Analyzing ROI opens up opportunities for other key analyses.

Conduct a market analysis before creating your rental strategy. The analysis should cover an evaluation of the neighborhood, comparable rental properties in the area, and the average vacancy and occupancy rates. Establish how much you are likely to get from your investment before moving forward.

Not About your Personal Opinion on the Property - Look Through the Tenants Eyes

Consider the needs of your tenants rather than your own. An investor that is unable to look at their property through the eyes of a tenant is unlikely to succeed. Usually, tenants prioritize security, property location, and lifestyle quality. Location is one of the biggest considerations for tenants. It determines the rent payments, proximity to amenities, and safety. Investing in appealing neighborhoods is always a good idea. It is likely to earn you high ROI. A safe environment is one of the biggest motivators for tenants. No one wants to live in an area where they are worried about the security of their car or home. Consider adding security features like alarm services to make your property even more attractive. 

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Good Layout for a Rental?

The layout of houses in Atlanta Georgia should be appealing to potential renters. Bringing a professional into the picture could be a good idea. They will help you ensure that the layout you choose can compete effectively.

When it comes to investment properties, the fastest way to attract renters is by standing out from the crowd. Find out what the nearby rentals are offering and establish a way to beat them. You don’t have to break a bank to attain an attractive layout.

Keep your rentals in good shape at all times. Important things to do include: applying a fresh coat of paint, updating the lighting and dated fixtures, and landscaping.

Near Amenities and Other Things Renters Would Want?

The most popular amenities for renters include gyms, restaurants, schools, public transportation networks, and movie theatres. The authorities may give you an idea of the best areas that combine private and public amenities.

No one wants to live in crime hot spots. Consider getting accurate crime statistics from the local library or local police. Find out the statistics for vandalism, petty crime, and other common crimes. You may also need to ask about the police presence of a neighborhood.

Since schools are an important consideration for families, consider the quality of local schools before investing in property. This is especially important if you will be investing in family-sized homes. Even though you will be getting considerable income from rent, it's important to remember that the value of the home will be important if you ever opt to sell.

The municipal planning department should give you an accurate estimate of the area’s future development. They may give you information on plans and developments that are zoned into the location. The best properties are in areas with high potential for growth. However, you should watch out for future housing that could compete with yours.

Areas with rising employment opportunities will attract more tenants, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics may provide you with this information. If big companies plan on moving to the area, workers will obviously flock to it. Depending on the type of business, this may cause housing prices to go up or down.

Choosing the Right Investment Property

In conclusion, there are many things to consider when you plan to invest in property. Otherwise, you may end up losing a lot of your time and money. A good investment property must be in a good location. It should be close to schools, healthcare facilities, and road networks. It should be secure and the lifestyle quality should be impressive. Pick an investment that can guarantee high ROI.

Struggling to find your next investment property? Or have you recently purchased one and are struggling to manage maintenance or to find the right renter? We can help. Professional property management in Atlanta, Georgia can help you grow your investment portfolio and manage every home or property that's already a part of it.

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