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Renters Warehouse Atlanta | April 15, 2021

Key Marketing Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager

Investing in property is a great way to diversify your portfolio while also increasing your income. However, once you have acquired a property, you will then have to gain tenants which means marketing your property. On the other hand, you can hire a property manager to do the work for you.

In fact, you probably should. Here are some of the key marketing benefits of hiring an Atlanta property manager to market your property.

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They Know the Industry

For Atlanta property managers, staying informed about the current trends and happenings in the housing market is part of the job. Throughout the course of their job, a property manager can expect to list the property, find tenants, assist with move-in, and assist with paperwork.

A property manager will either already know or be able to easily research things like:

The State of the Housing Market: The housing market is constantly changing; sometimes it's in the favor of the renters, with many properties available for rent and few potential tenants. Other times, the market may favor property owners, with many tenants and a limited number of properties. The market shifts often and the state of the housing market may actually depend on your individual city or even your county—which is why it helps to have someone who knows the current market status in charge of marketing your property.

The Property Area: Renters are going to want to know about the area where they might rent. This includes everything from local traffic and crime rate to the quality of the local school district. Property managers can easily do this research and, in some cases, already have this important information. But you, as the property owner, may not—especially if you have not personally lived in the area where your property is located.

Local Competitors: Correctly identifying local properties that offer similar amenities as your own property can be a great asset for marketing. However, it is not always as easy as comparing square footage. To correctly identify comparable properties, one must look at where the property is located, as well as local amenities such as laundry, backyard space, swimming pool, gym, etc.,

An experienced Atlanta property manager will help you correctly identify potential competitors in your neighborhood. Plus, by identifying the local places for rent, and coupled with their knowledge of the market, your property manager can help you set a reasonable price.

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They Know the How to Market Like Professionals 

Property managers know what it takes to create a professional marketing listing that is appealing to renters. This includes:

Professionally Crafted Description

Renters look for certain aspects within a rental property description and property managers know exactly what to include, and what not to include, to ensure that the description is enticing to renters. Since a good property management company will conduct market research, they will also be able to present your property in the best light.

They Can Get Deals on Listings

Property managers must often list several properties at the same time, which means that they not only know the best listing spots, but they are able to take advantage of discounts that would only be offered to someone who needs to create several listings. This allows property managers to also take advantage of lower listing prices.

Plus, because Atlanta property managers list often, they will also know the best places to list your property.

They Have Access to a Bigger Customer Base 

Property management companies often create reputations for themselves among the communities where they work and will already have some sort of listing setup in place. This allows property managers to target a larger customer base, which means that you will have a larger pool of potential renters.

They Can Help With the Follow Up

One of the best things about hiring a property manager early on is the fact that they can help with not only the marketing but also with everything that comes afterward including:

Application Creation and Sorting

When listing a property well, you are going to get a lot of applications. This means sorting through a significant amount of paperwork to even find potentially desirable tenants. But what would you even put on the application? A property manager will know how to construct a good rental application and will help you sort through applications to identify your future tenants.

Tenant Screening

When renting your property, you want to ensure that your tenants are reliable, responsible, and honest. Property managers help you screen potential applicants, and can even perform pet screenings, to help avoid problematic tenants.

Whether you are looking to invest, market a property, or simply need help running a property with existing tenants, it is never too late to partner with a quality Atlanta property manager. If you are ready to get serious about marketing your property, check out “The Guide to Finding the Best Atlanta Area Property Management Company” today.

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