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Whether you've inherited a home, moved for work, or joined households. We want to help you convert your property into a profitable venture for years to come.

Targeted Rental Pricing

What Renters Want

Make the proper renovations and position your property for the right tenants

We Support

The Showing

Learn how to stage your home and run a perfect showing to get tenants in your rental home

We Show Up

Become a Landlord

Break the "Sleazy Landlord" image and become a resource for your tenants

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Preparing Your Property For Renters

Learn all the steps required to turn your property into a profitable rental home so you can start generating income from your real estate investment.


In Our eBook We'll Cover:

  • Preparation
  • The Perfect Showing
  • What Young Renters Want
  • What Renters Look For
  • Key Renovations
  • Breaking The Landlord Stereotype
  • Becoming A Resource


Keep a look out for our next eBook in this series on how to attract tenants to your new rental property!

What Renters Want

Learn what renters are looking for in a rental property to make sure yours is appealing to the audience you want to attract.

Find out what features matter most, what attracts young renters, and what renovations you may want to consider.


The Perfect Showing

Learn how to stage and prepare you home for a showing to potential tenants. 

Every detail matters. You need to prepare the inside of your house, outside of your house, and yourself to deliver a great presentation.

Break The Mold

Everyone knows landlords don't exactly have the best reputation. But we'll show you how to beat the "sleazy landlord" stereotype and become a valuable resource to your tenants.

It's not just good ethics, it's also good business.