Before you put your home on the market for sale, have you considered turning it into a rental? Perhaps you're a seasoned real estate investor, and you're wondering where to purchase the next rental property for your portfolio. No matter what type of investor you are, rental properties in Marietta, GA, are a smart way to build more long-term wealth! 


It's one of the largest cities in Georgia, just north of Atlanta—and it's a prime place to become a first-time real estate investor or continue growing a portfolio. About 60% of the population in the Marietta area rents a home, so if you aren't already here as a rental property owner, you need to get here soon!


Make sure to boost your success with the right professional Marietta property management services. A healthy renter population, the right rental properties, and full-service property management are the keys to success in this area. Here's what investors need to know to maximize their income in this market. 


What Makes Marietta a Desirable Rental Market?

  • With a population of about 61,000 people, many of Marietta's residents are young, single, and upwardly-mobile professionals working in the tech and computer industries.

  • It's a vocation that lends itself well to working from home, and you'll find a good percentage of people take advantage of that perk of the industry.

  • If your rental property offers home office space, you'll attract plenty of workforce renters who need a work-from-home-friendly space to accommodate their jobs. 


Marietta is also home to plenty of blue-collar workers and military families too. With the Lockheed Martin plant and nearby Dobbins Air Reserve Base, rental property owners have in-demand housing for these residents who might come and go as their jobs require. 


  • It's an area full of history, museums, restaurants, and walking and hiking trails near the Chattahoochee River.
  • Residents love everything the area has to offer, and rental property investors can benefit from a growing population and sizeable rental market throughout Marietta.


Neighborhoods With Excellent Schools

For rental properties targeting families with school-aged children, investors should choose the Lower Roswell Road & Willow Point Parkway area of town. Here you'll find more expensive homes to match the quality of schools and nearby amenities, and investors can charge a monthly rent amount that makes investing here worthwhile.

  • Properties here include large, established homes with four or more bedrooms.
  • You'll attract married couples and families to this family-friendly area.
  • Many of the employed residents work from home in this neighborhood.
  • The spacious layouts of these properties work well as rental housing for families and work-from-home accommodations. 

Similar neighborhoods include the areas of Bishop Lake Road & Roswell Road and Mount Bethel, where you'll find slightly lower home and rent prices without sacrificing the family-friendly feel or quality of schools. 


Apartments and Townhomes

Having a diverse portfolio adds stability. Marietta is an ideal location for investors who enjoy a mix of single-family homes, townhomes, studio apartments (or larger), and high-rises. Professional Marietta property management can handle renters and maintenance for any property to keep renters happy and improve your property values. 

  • Neighborhoods like the area of Bells Ferry Road & Turner Road provide a variety of housing options for renters with different needs.
  • Demand for housing is high in this area, making it ideal for investors who want to add another property to their portfolio or consider rent increases.

Making your rental a pet-friendly property can help reduce vacancy in this area of town. Let our full-service property management team help you determine if pets are a smart idea for your Marietta rental property and develop a screening process for pets (and their owners). 

With excellent rental properties, a significant rental population, highly-rated schools, and plenty to see and do in Marietta, what more do real estate investors need for success? The right property management services pull it all together.


How Investors Can Maximize Success in Marietta

It's easy to assume your rental property will always have a resident when more people rent their homes than venture into homeownership in a metropolitan area. However, without the right marketing strategies and full-service property management expertise, your properties can quickly get lost among homes that attract your renters (and take your monthly rental income). 

Success as a real investor requires aggressive marketing and professional management. If you want your homes to stand out from the rest, you need:

  • Expert property listings (with professional photos)
  • Professional rental property maintenance to keep rentals in excellent condition
  • Expert staff available to answer renter requests and collect the rent
  • Proactive processes to handle renewals or find a new renter before a lease ends.

A rental property is just a house without a team to manage it and a renter to pay the rent. When growing a Marietta portfolioonly the best property manager can provide expert services for every property and manage them to meet your financial goals. 


Expert Local Property Management Boosts Your Income

Sometimes making more money is as simple as avoiding mistakes. You might have a few rental properties in your portfolio, but you struggle to generate enough income by managing them on your own. 

Managing rental properties is a full-time job. Partnering with the best Marietta property management company helps investors avoid expensive mistakes and experience better ROI from their rentals.

Our experience in the local market means you can avoid:

  • Difficult renters: Our thorough tenant screening process shows us the red flags of a potentially bad renter. It also helps us find and verify the best quality renters for your properties. 
  • Maintenance mistakes: We conduct routine property inspections to catch small problems before they grow. We also take care of issues right away. Delaying a repair can develop into more significant (and expensive) problems later. 
  • Bad rental properties: Not every available townhome or single-family home makes an excellent rental property. We apply rental market research and our experience to help you find income-generating properties that renters love.
  • Legal issues: We follow the law with our tenant screening processes and operations. Staying up to date with regulations and keeping your properties compliant is one of the best ways we protect your investment income. 

The Marietta, GA rental market is an ideal place to invest, but investors risk income loss without professional property management. Take advantage of this rental market, and let our team of professional property managers ensure that it's a success for you! 


Invest With the Best Property Management in Marietta, GA

Benefitting from all that this area has to offer is better when you choose to invest with the best Marietta property management services. Let our team help you find the best properties to fit your portfolio, then apply our expertise and experience to grow your investment income.

Whether you choose high-end homes in family-friendly neighborhoods or townhomes in the heart of the city, the Renters Warehouse Atlanta team can handle everything to make your properties a success. From collecting the rent to applying professional maintenance services and an expert renter screening process, we make sure each property in your portfolio creates the best ROI to support your long-term wealth. 


Contact us to learn more about our worry-free, full-service real estate investment and property management services!

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Madison Anne

Olga Palmer was AMAZING in getting us our dream rental! The process took a little longer than we expected due to us submitting our application right before the Thanksgiving holiday but Olga was super prompt in responding to any and all of our questions and concerns and reassured us consistently along the way! I don't think we would have been as confident in getting this rental if it hadn't been for her! If we ever look again, I'll be calling Olga before anyone else!!!
Thanks, Girl!


Kay Bohlinger

Everyone involved in my transaction was extremely helpful throughout the whole process Katie and Trish were incredible to work with and answered all of my questions professionally and promptly. Amanda was a gem during walk through. They have all exceeded my expectations even readjusting schedules to get me in this lovely home quickly! Their service means more than anyone will ever know. Thank you for a five star experience. !!!! Kay


Shannon Shaw

This was my 1st experience renting and it was the BEST experience ever. The Bee Team is AWESOME! Starting with Kim showing me the property and then Katie through the application process... seamless. What I saw posted online was exactly what I saw in person. Katie was very informative and very responsive. The process could not have been any better. I am looking forward to working with Renters Warehouse - The Bee Team throughout my lease term. I would highly recommend working with the Bee Team!


Q Vidal

Olga was very responsive and know the circumstances for my move. She was very communicative and made sure we were able to get into the home we looked at. I have no complaints with her and her company as we are in a beautiful home in the ATL area


Josslen Leonard

Olga Palmer is Amazing!!!!!! From the start of the process she was so helpful. It speaks to the sincerity of the agent and their willingness to serve you when they respond immediately to a text message or email. She was timely and very engaging to serve my needs. Olga was super flexible and willing to work with my odd schedules to make sure I saw the house I wanted. She answered all of our questions ( there were a lot of them) and offered all the advice she had. She was so fun to work with and made the process enjoyable instead of stressful. I definitely will work with Olga in the future.


Nadene Moss

My family and I are beyond pleased and grateful to Krystal Alexander for her professionalism and hard work to ensure a smooth process.
From viewing of the rental, the application process, to moving in. Krystal was simply amazing. She made the transition so easy and stress free. We were very impressed with her knowledge of her job, her honesty and her willingness to go above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction.
If you are looking for the best realtor agent. Look no further.
Thank you Krystal we truly appreciate you.
The Moss's


Veronica Barnes

It was an absolute pleasure working with Olga. In a matter of a few weeks she was able to find a great tenant for my property. Her expertise in the field shows!


Jeremy Dyer

I had the best experience with Renters Warehouse and working with Olga. She is always prompt in responding to my calls or texts. Olga recommended the best way to prep my property, and we had an application within 24 hours of listing. I highly recommend Olga, and will happily work with her in the future!


Alina Klopach

So far, we love renting with Renter's Warehouse! Olga Palmer was our rental agent and she was very accommodating when we asked to see the house a couple times before moving in. She was very knowledgeable about the process with applying with Renter's Warehouse and answered all our questions, morning or night! Highly recommend.

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