As one of Atlanta's suburban counties, Gwinnett County is the second most populated area in Georgia—and that's good news! An area with "lots" of people means "lots" of opportunity for real estate investors.

With more than 900,000 residents, rental homes are in high demand throughout the county. More than one-third of the residents rent their homes, and plenty of jobs from major corporations (like Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines) help sustain the population in Gwinnett County. Excellent schools make this a quality place to raise a family. Residents also enjoy no shortage of things to do, including plenty of restaurants, parks, sporting events, recreation, and shopping. 

Real estate investors who don't yet own rental properties here should get in quickly! If you already invest in this county, it's a great time to add another property to your portfolio. When you choose this Atlanta suburban area for your real estate portfolio, make sure you have the best property management Gwinnett County has to offer to maximize your income! Here's why Renters Warehouse Atlanta is a smart investment.

We Keep An Eye On Your Property

Keeping an eye on your property is about more than driving by on occasion or sending a quick text to your renters to "check-in." The best property manager sets a schedule and applies multiple strategies to make sure your rentals stay in excellent condition and your residents follow the rules. 

Poorly-maintained properties won't stay competitive in this market. However, real estate investors may not have the time or know-how to constantly worry about hiring plumbers or electricians or spending nights and weekends fixing rental properties to keep them liveable. If you invest in Gwinnett County from out-of-state, you aren't close enough to keep a watchful eye on your rentals or do maintenance work on your own. 

The Renter's Warehouse Atlanta team understands what it takes to give investors peace of mind about the condition of their investment properties. We apply expert strategies to protect your rentals, including scheduled property inspections throughout the year. Our inspections include:

  • Move-in and Move-Out inspections to confirm the condition of your property before and after residents start and end a lease term
  • Mid-lease inspections to watch for potential problems and keep an eye on resident behavior
  • Drive-by inspections as an additional "eyes-on" opportunity without disturbing your renters

When you place your rentals under the care of the best property management Gwinnett County offerswe take that very seriously! It's our responsibility to choose quality renters and ensure that they take good care of your rentals through routine inspections. Plus, recognizing potential maintenance problems before they become significant issues helps us provide repairs and save investors money.

We Prioritize Maintenance and Profitable Upgrades

Routine inspections don't do investors any good if your property manager doesn't act on what they find when reviewing your rentals. Seeing a potential problem isn't enough! You need an expert who recognizes that something needs attention, then takes care of the problem with prompt, quality repairs. 

Your Gwinnett County property management expert should also advise you about smart property upgrades that can help you make more money from your investments. Without insights about the local market, what renters want, and updates that will keep your property competitive, investors can make the wrong upgrades and never recover their expenses. 

Expert Maintenance Minimizes Turnover

Renters won't stick around for a rental home that falls into disrepair. They also won't tolerate unanswered maintenance requests, poor-quality repairs, or dealing with the same maintenance problem repeatedly. 

Local renters prefer properties with professional property management and maintenance services. When your rentals provide this high level of service, renters know they can rely on:

  • 24/7 availability to submit and receive a response for an emergency maintenance issue
  • Prompt repairs, so they don't have to deal with unsafe conditions or amenities that don't work for a prolonged time
  • Quality repairs from contractors that are safe and approved to work in their rental homes
  • A rental home they can be proud of! 

A renter doesn't want to be "those renters" with the worst home on the block. They need a safe place to call home—and when they find it, they're more likely to stay for more than one lease term! With the best property management Gwinnett County can deliver, your renters enjoy a well-maintained home and timely responses to questions or issues. Happy renters who renew a lease help investors make more money!

Smart Upgrades Boost Your Income

A renovation that doesn't attract quality renters isn't worth your time or money. However, smart upgrades are worth the initial expense when they pay off in the long run! When rental properties offer the amenities that local renters want, investors can often justify a reasonable rent increase to recover renovation costs and generate more revenue.

With our expert insights and experience, we help investors:

  • Identify what renters want in a rental home
  • Determine the best upgrades to match similar rentals in the area
  • Analyze renovation costs vs. potential increased income 
  • Avoid costly upgrades that never pay off
  • Coordinate updates and manage receipts

It can be challenging to choose smart updates for a rental property that don't match your personal preferences for a residence. As the best property management Gwinnett County offers, we help investors focus on what's best for renters and investment properties to maximize their income.

We Market Properties to Maximize Your Success

The best rental house in Gwinnett County is something to be proud of! However, it won't generate income without a resident to pay the rent. 

With expert maintenance and smart upgrades, your property will be in-demand. Finding the best resident for your rental property requires a professional marketing plan to tell residents about your property and help them fill out an application. 

Our expert marketing strategies include:

  • Setting the ideal rental price to stay competitive without over-pricing or low-balling the rate
  • Writing effective property listings that tell a story and attract the right renters
  • Using professional photos to stop quality renters from scrolling past your listing 
  • Using every online and local resource to list your property and reach your ideal renters
  • Screening each applicant to select the best renter for your properties

The best marketing strategy delivers quality residents while reducing vacancy times. Investors lose money from an empty property, but placing a resident without a thorough screening process is a significant risk to your property and investment income. The Renters Warehouse Atlanta best-in-class marketing strategy helps us find, screen, and place quality residents in less time!

Choose the Best Property Management in Gwinnett County!

Investing in Gwinnett County is the best way to grow a successful real estate investment portfolio. From a diverse community to a cost of living that supports a healthy market, local and long-distance investors can experience more investment wealth with rental properties in this area. 

Choosing the Renters Warehouse Atlanta property management team is a smart investment in your portfolio growth. Our local experience and industry expertise help your rentals stand out from the competition and generate more revenue. We also offer service guarantees—including our Tenant Warranty and Pet Damage Guarantee—so investors can have peace of mind about placing rental properties under our expert care. 

Choose the best property management Gwinnett County offers with our team! Contact us to learn how we can help you benefit from real estate investments in this market.

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Why Do Investors Choose Renters Warehouse Atlanta?


Madison Anne

Olga Palmer was AMAZING in getting us our dream rental! The process took a little longer than we expected due to us submitting our application right before the Thanksgiving holiday but Olga was super prompt in responding to any and all of our questions and concerns and reassured us consistently along the way! I don't think we would have been as confident in getting this rental if it hadn't been for her! If we ever look again, I'll be calling Olga before anyone else!!!
Thanks, Girl!


Kay Bohlinger

Everyone involved in my transaction was extremely helpful throughout the whole process Katie and Trish were incredible to work with and answered all of my questions professionally and promptly. Amanda was a gem during walk through. They have all exceeded my expectations even readjusting schedules to get me in this lovely home quickly! Their service means more than anyone will ever know. Thank you for a five star experience. !!!! Kay


Shannon Shaw

This was my 1st experience renting and it was the BEST experience ever. The Bee Team is AWESOME! Starting with Kim showing me the property and then Katie through the application process... seamless. What I saw posted online was exactly what I saw in person. Katie was very informative and very responsive. The process could not have been any better. I am looking forward to working with Renters Warehouse - The Bee Team throughout my lease term. I would highly recommend working with the Bee Team!


Q Vidal

Olga was very responsive and know the circumstances for my move. She was very communicative and made sure we were able to get into the home we looked at. I have no complaints with her and her company as we are in a beautiful home in the ATL area


Josslen Leonard

Olga Palmer is Amazing!!!!!! From the start of the process she was so helpful. It speaks to the sincerity of the agent and their willingness to serve you when they respond immediately to a text message or email. She was timely and very engaging to serve my needs. Olga was super flexible and willing to work with my odd schedules to make sure I saw the house I wanted. She answered all of our questions ( there were a lot of them) and offered all the advice she had. She was so fun to work with and made the process enjoyable instead of stressful. I definitely will work with Olga in the future.


Nadene Moss

My family and I are beyond pleased and grateful to Krystal Alexander for her professionalism and hard work to ensure a smooth process.
From viewing of the rental, the application process, to moving in. Krystal was simply amazing. She made the transition so easy and stress free. We were very impressed with her knowledge of her job, her honesty and her willingness to go above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction.
If you are looking for the best realtor agent. Look no further.
Thank you Krystal we truly appreciate you.
The Moss's


Veronica Barnes

It was an absolute pleasure working with Olga. In a matter of a few weeks she was able to find a great tenant for my property. Her expertise in the field shows!


Jeremy Dyer

I had the best experience with Renters Warehouse and working with Olga. She is always prompt in responding to my calls or texts. Olga recommended the best way to prep my property, and we had an application within 24 hours of listing. I highly recommend Olga, and will happily work with her in the future!


Alina Klopach

So far, we love renting with Renter's Warehouse! Olga Palmer was our rental agent and she was very accommodating when we asked to see the house a couple times before moving in. She was very knowledgeable about the process with applying with Renter's Warehouse and answered all our questions, morning or night! Highly recommend.

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