Thinking of selling your property? First, consider the benefits of owning rental property, especially with an Atlanta property management company handling it.

Do you own property in Atlanta that you are considering putting on the market for sale? Or maybe you are thinking of acquiring rental property as an investment but are not sure it is a viable investment. You can be sure that in Atlanta it is, especially if you engage an Atlanta property management company to handle everything for you.

Atlanta is Georgia's most populous city and the ninth-largest metropolitan area in the country. That means a large population and market for rental homes. According to the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), Metro Atlanta will grow by at least 2.9 million to reach a population of more than 8.6 million in the next 30 years. This means growing demand for rental homes. It also means returns or rental rates will keep growing as demand grows.


What Brings People to Atlanta

There are those who were born there and there are those who choose to call Atlanta home. Atlanta boasts a  gleaming skyline and an extensive, lush tree canopy. Apart from its physical beauty, there are also the people with their Southern charm and traditions. As Atlanta grows economically and picks up the pace in technological advancements, the spirit of the people endures.

Additionally, Atlanta has plenty to offer in terms of attractions. One is the Georgia Aquarium where, if you dare, one of the activities you can enjoy is swimming with the whale sharks and seeing a sea lion up close. Another attraction is the rich black history in Atlanta and there are plenty of events and activities related to LGBT. 

Atlanta's culinary scene is another big attraction.  There is something for everyone from the juiciest burgers as listed in the Wall Street Journal to the delicacies found in downtown restaurants and family-owned diners that have been passed on for generations. The soul food in Atlanta is to die for, from classic meat and threes to modern Southern cuisine.


Education in Atlanta

Atlanta has a lot to offer when it comes to education from elementary to tertiary level. It has nine high school clusters that have precise feeder patterns. Without split-feeder patterns, the cluster model allows a student going to an elementary school to matriculate to the same middle school and then the same high school. Atlanta public schools have a total of 91 learning sites which include 18 charter schools, 58 neighborhood schools, and six partner schools. There are also two citywide single-gender academies and three alternative programs.

When it comes to tertiary education, Atlanta has diverse programs in various institutions that make it a leading higher education center. There are 19 public and private colleges and universities, five affiliated libraries, and 12 corporate and non-profit community partners. These higher education facilities and educational opportunities also provide a market for student renters. 


Sit Back and Earn

If you are apprehensive about handling tenants, rental or lease agreements, and unpleasant situations like evictions and damages, don't be. That can all be taken care of for you. Renters Warehouse Atlanta was set up to do just for property owners so they don't have to. Renters Warehouse is an award-winning Atlanta property management company offering a full suite of services. It is also an investment services company for single-family rental homes.

The Atlanta company does more than handle tenants. It also helps property owners and aspiring property owners to create a long-term investment plan by providing research tools, education, and sessions with local investment advisors. For those who are aspiring to own property, Renters Warehouse Atlanta offers assistance in finding viable rental property from the company's investor marketplace.

Once that property is located and it is ready for a renter, the company will screen potential ones and identify a suitable one. This is done using the company's exclusive RentFeeder technology to market the property and screen tenants. Once a tenant moves in, Renters Warehouse Atlanta will handle rent collection, repairs and maintenance, and everything else. Real-time financial reports are available on the company's award-winning app as part of the company 24/7 Turnkey Hassle-Free Management Services.


Why Rental Property in Atlanta is a Viable Investment

Before selling your property or if you are thinking of acquiring rental property, consider the following benefits of owning rental property. 

Long-Term Equity

Property, whether rental or self-occupied, appreciates in value over time. The population also keeps growing and that means that the demand for rental houses will keep growing. Income derived from the rental property also keeps growing because rent is typically revised upwards rather than downwards. 

Long-Term Source of Income

Once your Atlanta property company takes care of everything and you have a paying tenant, you are set up for long-term returns. This is not only in form of the rent collected but also annualized tax benefits, appreciating fiscal value of the house, and access to financing to acquire other assets with the property as collateral. If you ever sell the property, it will be for a tidy profit.

Tax Benefits

Rental property owners enjoy tax benefits like writing off expenses like fees paid to their Atlanta property management company, repairs done on the property, property taxes, mortgage interest, cost of utilities, and more. 

  • Generational Family Asset

Another benefit of owning rental property is that it can be passed down to family. They would inherit a ready source of income that in the hands of Renters Warehouse, can continue to be a passive source of income. Property can be passed on for generations with no end.


Grow Your Investment Portfolio with Rent Estate

It used to be that the American dream was to buy a home, live in it, and pass it on in the family or only sell to buy another one in another area. That has changed. Today, it's all about Rent Estate. This is ownership of more than one property acquired for the purpose of making money out of it by renting. It is a very viable option in a generation that has adapted alternative options like the nomadic lifestyle, Airbnb's and Uber that are used as needed as an alternative to ownership.


What Atlanta Renters are Looking For

Years of experience in managing rental property in Atlanta has turned Renters Warehouse Atlanta staff into experts when it comes to what renters are looking for and what they expect.  There are diverse needs based on the mixed population made up of students, business investors, retirees, students, and young professionals with families. They is a demand for single-family houses, condos, apartments, student housing, and townhouses. 


Get Your Slice of the Pie

The Atlanta rental market is a big pie and there is definitely enough for everyone. The key is to get management right and that is what Renters Warehouse Atlanta is all about. It is about making it easier, transparent, and hassle-free for those with rental property to maximize returns on it and those aspiring to get into this market to do so with a clear picture of what to expect.

Over the years, Renters Warehouse Atlanta has served many property owners offering them comprehensive management services as well as guidance about growing as investors in terms of optimizing returns on their property, using their assets to acquire more. Get in touch and we'll get you started on your own journey of prosperity starting with a rental analysis at no cost.

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Why Do Investors Choose Renters Warehouse Atlanta?


Madison Anne

Olga Palmer was AMAZING in getting us our dream rental! The process took a little longer than we expected due to us submitting our application right before the Thanksgiving holiday but Olga was super prompt in responding to any and all of our questions and concerns and reassured us consistently along the way! I don't think we would have been as confident in getting this rental if it hadn't been for her! If we ever look again, I'll be calling Olga before anyone else!!!
Thanks, Girl!


Kay Bohlinger

Everyone involved in my transaction was extremely helpful throughout the whole process Katie and Trish were incredible to work with and answered all of my questions professionally and promptly. Amanda was a gem during walk through. They have all exceeded my expectations even readjusting schedules to get me in this lovely home quickly! Their service means more than anyone will ever know. Thank you for a five star experience. !!!! Kay


Shannon Shaw

This was my 1st experience renting and it was the BEST experience ever. The Bee Team is AWESOME! Starting with Kim showing me the property and then Katie through the application process... seamless. What I saw posted online was exactly what I saw in person. Katie was very informative and very responsive. The process could not have been any better. I am looking forward to working with Renters Warehouse - The Bee Team throughout my lease term. I would highly recommend working with the Bee Team!


Q Vidal

Olga was very responsive and know the circumstances for my move. She was very communicative and made sure we were able to get into the home we looked at. I have no complaints with her and her company as we are in a beautiful home in the ATL area


Josslen Leonard

Olga Palmer is Amazing!!!!!! From the start of the process she was so helpful. It speaks to the sincerity of the agent and their willingness to serve you when they respond immediately to a text message or email. She was timely and very engaging to serve my needs. Olga was super flexible and willing to work with my odd schedules to make sure I saw the house I wanted. She answered all of our questions ( there were a lot of them) and offered all the advice she had. She was so fun to work with and made the process enjoyable instead of stressful. I definitely will work with Olga in the future.


Nadene Moss

My family and I are beyond pleased and grateful to Krystal Alexander for her professionalism and hard work to ensure a smooth process.
From viewing of the rental, the application process, to moving in. Krystal was simply amazing. She made the transition so easy and stress free. We were very impressed with her knowledge of her job, her honesty and her willingness to go above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction.
If you are looking for the best realtor agent. Look no further.
Thank you Krystal we truly appreciate you.
The Moss's


Veronica Barnes

It was an absolute pleasure working with Olga. In a matter of a few weeks she was able to find a great tenant for my property. Her expertise in the field shows!


Jeremy Dyer

I had the best experience with Renters Warehouse and working with Olga. She is always prompt in responding to my calls or texts. Olga recommended the best way to prep my property, and we had an application within 24 hours of listing. I highly recommend Olga, and will happily work with her in the future!


Alina Klopach

So far, we love renting with Renter's Warehouse! Olga Palmer was our rental agent and she was very accommodating when we asked to see the house a couple times before moving in. She was very knowledgeable about the process with applying with Renter's Warehouse and answered all our questions, morning or night! Highly recommend.

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