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What to Look For in the Best Greater Atlanta Property Management Company

Written by Renters Warehouse Atlanta | Jun 4, 2021 12:00:00 PM

Are you dealing with too many mistakes while managing rental properties on your own? Mistakes can make tenants unhappy and cause you to lose valuable income. 

When it comes to owning a profitable rental property, owners must keep up with maintenance, collect the rent (on time), and deal with tenant issues and requests. Without the right help or experience, the work can spin out of control and leave you with money-losing assets. 

A Greater Atlanta property management company can help! Before you hire "any" property manager, here's what to look for in the best property management company.

Not All Property Managers Are the Same

They may offer the same services, but not all property management companies are equal. When you find a property manager with the qualities you need, take your research a step further and make sure they will represent your properties well and help your income grow! Evaluate the following criteria when interviewing your next Greater Atlanta property manager. 

Check Their Website 

Can you find the information you need on their website? Is it easy to navigate (for yourself and potential tenants)?

The right property manager in Greater Atlanta has a professional website with plenty of information about their services and pricing. You should also look for secure online tenant and owner portals that make it easy to collect rental payments and review financial information for rental properties in your portfolio. 

A property manager's website is one of the places tenants (and potential tenants) visit first and most often. Make sure it represents your available properties and ongoing management services well. 

Notice Their Office Space and Presentation

Whether you see their offices the first time in person or through a video conference call, pay attention to a potential property manager's surroundings. Tenants might have to visit the leasing office to pay the rent or talk to a property manager about an issue. The office should be clean and organized as a professional front for your properties. 

A messy, cluttered office with unsightly things in the background of a video call can indicate that a property manager doesn't have the professionalism or attention to detail to care for your rentals well. While you shouldn't focus too much on fashion sense, note if the representative from a property management company is professionally dressed and present well throughout your interactions. A sloppy office and unkempt appearance can trickle into the sloppy, unkempt rental properties that renters won't want to live in. 

A reputation for quality rental properties in the Greater Atlanta area can begin (or end) with your property manager's reputation and professionalism with local tenants, property owners, and contractors. 

Review Marketing Materials

How does a Greater Atlanta property manager market rentals? Ask to review yard signs, printed collateral, business cards, and current listings for other rental properties. 

Take note of the quality when reviewing these critical marketing items. Do they instill confidence and quality? Online listings should be well-written and compelling, with professional photos and a broad audience. Yard signs should be in excellent condition without fading, dents, or missing information. 

Marketing is the first impression new tenants have of your property. Make sure a property manager puts their best foot forward from the start when attracting new residents!

Pay Attention to References and Reviews

A look at a company's references and reviews also tells of their capabilities and reputation in the market. When researching a Greater Atlanta property management company, pay close attention to positive (and negative) reviews. 

While every property management company will have its fair share of negative reviews from disgruntled former tenants, look for patterns that indicate ongoing issues that could be a serious issue with a property management company. Look for reviews from other property owners and contractors in the area, too.

While talking with a potential management company, ask for references—then be sure to contact them and ask about their experiences. It is also worth looking at the rating a company has with the Atlanta Better Business Bureau. Take everyone's feedback with a grain of salt, then weigh them against your firsthand impressions when choosing the best property manager in the Greater Atlanta area. 

The Best Greater Atlanta Property Management Company Boosts Your Income

The right management company will not only take care of the rental property you have, but they will also help you grow your portfolio and increase your long-term income. However, the wrong property manager can leave your rentals and residents without the care they need and become a liability for your properties and financial goals. 

When choosing the best Greater Atlanta property management company for your needs, apply these tips and do the research—but don't overthink it. The right property manager will become apparent when you know what to look for and do your due diligence to partner with the best professionals to support your portfolio.

Renters Warehouse Atlanta serves the Greater Atlanta area and helps investors get more out of their rentals! We hope you'll include us in your search for the best local property manager. When you're ready to learn more about our services (and guarantees), let's talk!

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